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We have been supporting you for the last 120 years
Created in 1888, Cabinet ROUX is a service company providing appraisals and valuations of company and institutional assets.
Analyse valeur
Image Analyse valeurPuce analyse valeur How do I analyse and assess my risks and values to be insured?
How do I determine the value of my industrial assets?
How do I identify and manage my occupational risks?

Cabinet ROUX experts are risk and value specialists, helping more than 2,000 companies a year.

Gestion de sinistre
Image Gestion de sinistresPuce analyse valeur When dealing with a loss, how do I obtain optimum indemnity so that I can restart my business?

Cabinet ROUX experts meet your expectations by dealing with the operational side of the claim, the analysis of insurance cover and the negotiation of insurance indemnity, supporting you throughout.

Gestion finnacière
Image Gestion financierePuce analyse valeur How do I determine and effectively manage my fixed assets?
How do I determine the value of my immovable assets?

Cabinet ROUX experts meet your requests through inventories and fixed asset account reconciliation, and through analysis and advice on real property values.

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